April 24, 2024


Super Power Saving & Bright bright lights.
Anti water/animal infiltration housing design, best heat absorption & standard technology.
Led color light produced by day light and warm.
Does not generate high heat so it is also suitable for indoor/outdoor use.
Equipped with a special Led driver: efficient, quality and extends the life of the Led.

~ Rural Roads, inland areas, replacement for conventional lights that have been installed.
~ Residential roads, villas, office/shopping areas, small industrial areas, campus areas.

So, the best and cost-effective solution.
What are you waiting for. let’s BUY NOW.

Presented by KEIBU SOOK, Extra TERANG THE RIGHT CHOICE, Lighting that makes a difference

For more information, please contact our contact office at no. Tel (022) 6027388. Attantion Pak Bayu and Suryanie. Office working time from 8.30 to 18.00
Thank you

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